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Frequently Asked Questions


What's so great about a Board and Train?

A Board and Train immerses your dog into a new lifestyle and rules, easing the transition for both you and your dog! Your dog gets to learn first hand from professionals who will be dedicated and consistent, ensuring your dog has a clear understanding of the new expectations. We believe that a Board and Train is the most effective and efficient way to train your dog for real life. A Board and Train is 90% us doing the work and only 10% you. Lessons certainly can get you there, but the numbers flip around and becomes 90% you doing the work and 10% us. They require a lot more work on your part, and a lot more skill and time investment.

When your car is broken, you drop if off at a mechanic. When you're injured, you go to the doctor. When you need a haircut, you go to a hair stylist. And when your dog needs to be trained, you go to a dog trainer. 

What is your approach to dog training?

We take a balanced approach, which means we have skills in a variety of different areas and with a variety of different tools. With our scientifically based background and education, we believe that utilizing all areas of learning provides the clearest and most humane way of training. We refuse to ignore certain aspects of learning because it makes us feel better. We will never pressure you to use any tool, but we will be honest with you about what we believe will be the most effective and efficient way to accomplish your goals. We will always try reward based training first, but there are situations where simply rewarding desirable behavior will not get rid of the undesirable behaviors.

What is included in a Board and Train?

Typically, a 2-week Board and Train will build a solid understanding of Sit, Down, Place, and Come from a minimum of 6 feet and walking around some distractions. The longer your pup stays with us, the stronger these commands become. We aim to expose your dog to several new environments each week and as many distractions as we can, so longer Board and Trains will provide increasingly better results. Your dog will see other dogs, people, food, animals, noises, and so much more. Results also will depend on what tools are used during your dog's stay. For example, if you choose to add E-collar training onto your package, you will have much better and more reliable results than if you choose to do treat-training only.

Do you provide any guarantee to your training?

The short answer is: No. 

The long answer is that your dogs success relies on a multitude of different factors, many of which are completely out of our control. Dog training isn't a magic fix and will need to be enforced and practiced at home for a long time. Once your dog gets home, if you do not remain consistent and follow through with our instructions, your dog will fall out of training and may return to their old ways. We will always provide videos of your dogs stay, showing what your dog can accomplish and what your dog knows. We will always be there to support you and answer questions, as well as show you in lessons how to follow the training. The rest is up to you! 

Do you offer any Service Dog Training?

Yes, however this training is our most expensive and has a minimum stay of 6-months, although it is typically longer. This also requires an assessment if you have a dog chosen already to ensure that this dog is a good candidate for service work or requires the purchase of a prospect puppy from an ethical and reputable breeder. Puppies will stay will us at least a year if not more.

Do you teach any tricks?

Absolutely!! The main focus of your Board and Train will always be obedience and home manners, but if your dog enjoys learning tricks and there is adequate time, we can certainly begin teaching a few tricks during their stay. We can also provide video instruction on how to teach tricks at home.

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