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Petra the Belgian Malinois

Petra is 2 years old and is our spaz and top dog in the house. She is surprisingly very dog social and people social, and can be trusted in high stress situations to be reliable and safe. In typical Mal fashion, she is toy and tug obsessed and can be found proudly carrying a toy in her mouth. While Petra can be wild, she is easily brought down to earth and has a solid head on her shoulders to make good decisions in a flash. She is sweet, loves to cuddle or play, self-confident, and never lets Heather out of her sight.
Petra occasionally comes out as Heathers Demo Dog, but her main purpose is competing in French Ring. She is wicked fast and also excels at lure coursing, wall climb, disc, weight pull, and obedience. Petra takes her work very seriously, but don't let that intimidate you. She will take plenty of time out of her day to get loved on and has some pretty cool tricks up her sleeve to show off!

Petra: About
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