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Reuben the Borderwhippet

Reuben is almost 5 years old and is a unique and hard-working guy. You'll never meet a dog with such a clear off-switch, almost like Jekyll and Hyde. In the house, he is cool as a cucumber, quiet, and spends his days snoozing on the couch and following his mom around. But when it's time to work, he turns on light a light and is ready to go, screaming his head off. He is fast, agile, and certainly the smartest dog in the house. He can learn a new trick in just a few repetitions and loves to perform high flying routines. Reuben is probably our grumpiest dog, too. While he is dog-safe, he isn't very social and would rather just be left alone. Solitude can be hard to find with 5 other dogs in the house!
Reuben is Heather's main Demo Dog and part-time Service Dog on her bad days. He knows more tricks then you could list and loves lure coursing, disc, wall climb, agility, obedience, and especially DOCK DIVING!! You can't keep this man out of the water, no matter how cold it is. We love having this incredibly trustworthy and affectionate dog in our house, and he provides excellent contrast for dogs that need to learn to respect another dogs space in a safe way.

Reuben: About
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