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Seymour the Australian Shepherd

Seymour is our eldest dog at 9 years old and has the most life experience and training experience out of all of the dogs in the house. Now in retirement, Seymour enjoys laying around the house and doing whatever he can to find any scrap of food laying around. He is a typical Aussie and puts his desires first before carefully considering what you've asked of him. He loves to get pets and love from anyone he can, and will shove himself into anyone willing to give him some love.

Seymour spent his younger years being Tyler's Demo Dog and travelled around the country in car and plane. He has several CGC and Trick Dog titles under his belt, as well as a Therapy Dog certification. We are lucky to have Seymour spending his retirement in our home, teaching both puppies and guest pack members the ropes.

Seymour: About
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