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Uhtred the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Uhtred (Thats Ooo-Tred) is almost 2 years old and is a tender soul, although he still carries that Corgi spice we love around here. He spends his day with his dad, supervising him while he works from home. Focused and intelligent, Uhtred is a quick learner and a flashy worker. He enjoys following his dad to the ends of the earth, watching his dad eat, and playing tug with his dad. Oh, did we mention he LOVES his dad?

Uhtred is Tyler's Demo Dog and will be seen in plenty of videos and in your lessons too! He is also Bumble's uncle, although he would rather not claim he is related to such an uncultured little beast of a puppy. Uhtred loves lure coursing and obedience, and is slowly learning disc. He certainly isn't beating anyone in speed, but he makes up for it in style!

Uhtred: About
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