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HeartDog Training LLC

Collaborative Dog Training

We at HeartDog Training LLC aim to build solid relationships between you and your dog. With a variety of different methods and approaches, we can help to get you and your dog to enjoy the life you share together. You'll find we look at each dog as an individual, and want to give you realistic goals and expectations for your lifestyle with you and your dog. Together!

Our 11 acre licensed and dog-centered facility is located south of Colorado Springs, and we service the surrounding areas including Monument, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain, and Pueblo. HeartDog Training LLC focuses on Board and Train packages, which we believe are the most effective way to train and provide the longest lasting results! 

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Training Options

Uniquely designed for your dog and your life!

Board and Train | Real Life Obedience and Boundaries

Our exclusive flagship Board and Train program is always uniquely customized to you and your dogs specific needs. Length of stay is based on your goals, with shorter stays available on a case-by-case basis. Your dog will be integrated into our pack where they will learn house manners and boundaries, as well as join us on our pack walks around our 11 acre campus and field trips as available. Dogs with previous training with us gain access to our private boarding and tune-up's when you've got to travel.

Private Lessons | Follow-Ups and In-Home

Follow up lessons are included in your board and train package! Private lessons may be offered on an individual basis and are typically offered to tackle simple and targeted behaviors. If you’re looking for a program focused on private lessons, we can refer you to our sister company, Canine Insight LLC!

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HeartDog Training’s Mission

Certified. Highly Educated. Passionate.

We at HeartDog Training believe it’s never too late to teach an old pet (and its owner) new behaviors. It's also important to start building healthy long-lasting foundations as early as you can, working as much with you as with your pet. Tyler and Heather have a passion for improving the relationship between your dog and you, and ultimately improve your lives together.

With a combined 20 years of experience and continued-education under our belts, we assess every dog as who they are. Each dog has distinct needs and abilities which can be used to shape them into the best dog they can be. We design a specific behavior plan for every dog we work with, combining modern and scientific behavior analysis with balanced training methods.

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Heather Haag

Head Trainer | Co-Owner

Heather is absolutely obsessed with behavior, so much so that she has dedicated most of her life to educating herself and getting involved with a variety of different fields of behavior. She has been in the animal care industry for 10 years, first starting as a dog groomer and then branching out to dog training and human behavior modification. It was during this time she attended University of Washington and received her certificate in Applied Animal Behavior as well as Duke University’s Dog Emotion and Cognition course.

Heather spent 2 years working directly with special needs children as a Behavior Technician, and after graduating from Purdue University with her Bachelors in Applied Behavior Analysis, decided she wanted even more. Heather then attended Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers and received her certification as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. 

Heather and her dogs explore every part of dog training they can get their paws on, from high level obedience and Rally to dog sports like dock diving, disc, lure coursing, and French Ring. You'll see Heather working with Reuben the Borderwhippet, Petra the Malinois, and her newest puppy, Bumble the Corgi.

Tyler Otwell

Trainer | Co-Owner

Tyler graduated from the University of Houston in 2013. Always having a passion for training with his personal dogs, Tyler began training dogs professionally in 2016. Throughout the years, he has had the pleasure of working with many different breeds and temperaments and has experience as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Therapy Dog instructor. With these experiences under his belt, he has learned how much he valued building relationships with dogs through training, and values building these relationships with his personal dogs, as well as the dogs he works with. Tyler's main focus is on real life goals when training, as this is what provides both the owners and dogs the most enjoyment in their lives together.

You'll see Tyler training with his main demo dog, Uhtred the Corgi, at events and lessons, as well as in videos. His newest puppy, Noodles the Whippet, is being developed as his next demo and sport dog.

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Our Pack

Helper Dogs and Distraction Extraordinaires

Our pack is an integral part of our training process and help our guest pack members learn boundaries through example and how to interact with other dogs. They also provide various levels of distractions from just existing to high flying tricks. 

What is a Helper Dog? 

A Helper Dog teaches far better then us humans do. Seymour and Reuben are our eldest dogs and have raised countless puppies at this point and we use them as our Helper Dogs. They are firm and fair, but their patience is wide and they are extremely tolerant and trustworthy around familiar and unfamiliar dogs. This means they can be trusted to follow boundaries and establish boundaries with guest pack members, and they can teach things like recall and waiting at doorways by example. 

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Our Resource Center

Looking for Help? We’ve Got You Covered.

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Canine Insight LLC

We partner with Canine Insight LLC to offer lessons when we cannot. Highly experienced and passionate, we partner with Canine Insight LLC because we believe they can provide the same high quality service that we do. Reach out to Sam at Canine Insight LLC to learn more about her lesson packages and events!


Personalized and Experienced Dog Grooming

Heather offers licensed and certified grooming in your home to create a comfortable experience in a familiar environment. Heather specializes in adjusting puppies to the grooming process, as well as rehabbing difficult or anxious dogs back into a healthy mindset during the grooming process. Reach out here or on Instagram to make an appointment!


Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers

Explore Starmark's world renown program for professional dog trainers and products. Heather attended Starmark Academy in the summer of 2022 and received a certification as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. As a Starmark alumni, HeartDog Training LLC has special access to exclusive Starmark literature, programs, and products!


Everything You Need to Know for Your New Puppy

We at HeartDog Training LLC love puppies! We want to be your ultimate resource for raising the perfect puppy, but a lot of it rests on you. Check out our handout for getting started!

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Clicker Training

Clicker training is an excellent way to build good foundations for Learning to Learn. What is Learning to Learn? Many times we accidentally teach our dogs and puppies to ignore our daily cues. Clicker training is a clear and concise way to teach your dog or puppy to follow your cues and learn new behaviors.


Crate Training

Crate Training is a vital part of training for your dog. Will you use your crate all the time? No! We don't! Many of our dogs never see a crate unless in the car for safety or during a vet or grooming visit. We aim to create a healthy relationship with the crate to minimize stress during these situations.

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